Dr. Sreenivasa Vanapalli, CEO

Dr. Sreenivas holds a PhD (Pharmacokinetics) from College of Pharmacy, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City, USA. Dr. Sreenivas brings expertise of over 17 years in the fields of Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacometrics, bioanalytical and drug metabolism research (Phase I, II, III and IV). He has clinical development experience in various therapeutic areas (oncology, metabolism, cardiovascular, CNS, autoimmune diseases, inflammation etc.,) of New Chemical Entities (NCE), and Fixed-Dose Combination (FDC). He has expertise in executing Biostudies from Pilot to Pivotal stage for different formulations like Injectables, Soft Gels, Transdermal and Respiratory (inhalation products) besides Conventional dosage forms.

He has successfully worked on clinical programs related to regulatory documents (Investigator Brochures, IND annual reports, IMPDs, MAAs, NDAs, Clinical Study Protocols, Clinical Study Reports [CSR] and submissions).

Prior to joining Actimus Bio, Dr.Sreenivas has earlier worked in companies such as Johnson&Johnson (USA), Sanofi Aventis (USA), Allergan (USA) and Dr Reddy’s. His last assignment was at Dr.Reddy’s where he was heading Biostudies group for Complex Generics and later Biopharmaceutics where he was responsible for developing, approving and implementing strategies and plans for the biopharmaceutics activities, and provides technical leadership and recommendations to R&D management.